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Five Resolutions to Prevent Car Accidents and Injuries

By William E. Raikes III |

Car accidents In Fort Pierce are often the result of the reckless and negligent actions of others on the road. In these situations, our Fort Pierce car accident attorney can help you get the compensation you need to recover. However, there are ways you can protect yourself. In the New Year, make a resolution… Read More »


Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Settling on an Insurance Claim

By William E. Raikes III |

When you are the victim of a car accident in Fort Pierce, you may be entitled to compensation through an automobile insurance claim. While this can help offset some of the medical costs and other expenses you incur, it is important to use caution before accepting a claim settlement. Injuries you suffer can have… Read More »


Along Treasure Coast, Traffic Fatalities Spiked Over 2018

By William E. Raikes III |

The beginning of a new year gives state and local officials the opportunity to compile reports and compare statistics regarding incidents which have put the public at risk over the prior 12 month period. For traffic safety experts, this means looking at the total number of car accidents and injuries and how they happened…. Read More »


Community Still Reeling After Fatal Multi-Car Accident Claims Five

By William E. Raikes III |

The holidays mean there is increased traffic on roads throughout the St. Lucie area. Between holiday shopper and festive party goers, it is important to use caution when traveling busy roads and to be on your best driving behavior. In Fort Pierce, the community is still reeling after a recent multi-vehicle car accident that… Read More »


15 Steps to Prevent Medical Mistakes and Errors

By William E. Raikes III |

Medical mistakes and errors continue to be commonplace and are a leading factor in medical malpractice claims. When they occur, doctors and other health care providers can be held accountable, but the damage to you and your loved ones may be irreparable. The following highlights how you can act as your own patient advocate… Read More »


Recovery from Personal Injuries

By William E. Raikes III |

Unexpected injuries can happen to anyone. You may have been in a car accident, suffered a slip and fall, or been involved in a mishap at work or some other public place. As a result, you are left with potentially serious personal injuries, which may impact your ability to work or engage in your… Read More »


Use Extra Caution Behind the Wheel

By William E. Raikes III |

Unfortunately, between the crowds and the bustle of the holiday season, your risk for accidents and personal injuries significantly increases. The following offers some helpful tips to keep you and those you love safe. Safety on the Roads A road trip may be on your schedule over this holiday season. Whether you are driving… Read More »


Healing After Soft Tissue Injuries

By William E. Raikes III |

Soft tissue injuries impact the muscles, tendons, and ligaments throughout the body, causing swelling, pain, and limited mobility. They can occur as the result of a variety of different types of accidents and if not properly cared for, can leave you suffering with permanent disabilities. As an experienced personal injury attorney, our office encourages… Read More »


Driving at Night Increases Car Accident Risks

By William E. Raikes III |

Many people have issues with driving at night. However, it is often unavoidable, particularly at this time of year. Daylight savings time ends on November 4, 2018, when we ‘fall back’ an hour. Combined with seasonal changes, this means that the sun will go down soon after 5:00 p.m., when many are still headed… Read More »


Over Reliance on Autopilot Features Increases Car Accident Risks

By William E. Raikes III |

Today’s newer model vehicles boast a slew of modern technological advances designed to protect drivers and to make your time behind the wheel easier. While automatic safety features such as lane assist and collision avoidance systems do help, over reliance on them can lead to car accidents. Particularly with the proliferation of self-driving vehicles… Read More »

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