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Tag Archives: Fort Pierce Car Accident Lawyers


Head on Car Accident in Fort Pierce Leaves One Dead, Two Injured

By William E. Raikes III |

There are numerous types of car accidents which can threaten the safety of you and your loved ones. Rear end accidents are among the most common, which often occur in heavy traffic or at stop signs and intersections. Side impact and side swipe collision are common also, and can happen when making turns or… Read More »


Four Dangerous Driving Behaviors to Avoid

By William E. Raikes III |

Car accidents are among the leading causes of personal injuries and accidental deaths. Sadly, in most cases they are largely preventable. While road or weather conditions often are a factor, the majority are the result of reckless drivers. Be aware of the behaviors behind the wheel that could put you at risk, as well… Read More »


Along Treasure Coast, I-95 In St. Lucie County Named as One of Deadliest Roads

By William E. Raikes III |

Driving along highways and interstates carries inherent risks. The high rate of speed, the sheer number of drivers, and the potential for breakdowns and mishaps increase the odds of car accidents resulting in potentially serious personal injuries. Unfortunately, sections of road running throughout St. Lucie County are among those named as the most deadly…. Read More »


Tips to Drive Safe During Hurricane Season

By William E. Raikes III |

It is only the very beginning of hurricane season in the Atlantic, and already one has touched down on the Gulf Coast in Florida. Unfortunately, after the onslaught last season, it looks like residents this year can expect more of the same. Even when it is simply a tropical storm that makes a landing,… Read More »


Over Summer, Play It Safe by Obeying Florida Traffic Laws

By William E. Raikes III |

Summer means an increase in traffic throughout Florida, with both tourists and local residents vying for space on roads and interstates. Between the excitement of being off work or on vacation and being distracted by the heat or the activities you have planned, the likelihood for reckless and driving behaviors increases. Unfortunately, this also… Read More »


Five Factors Common in Rollover Accidents

By William E. Raikes III |

Florida Highway Patrol recently released the names of two Fort Pierce residents who were seriously injured as the result of a rollover car accident. While police continue to investigate the causes, the incident raises concerns over these types of crashes and how they can occur. While blame is often placed on the size and… Read More »


Near Fatal Turnpike Crash Highlights Several Factors that Commonly Put Drivers at Risk

By William E. Raikes III |

Car accidents can happen in any situation, including in parking lots or on residential streets near and around your home. However, there are situations in which crashes and collisions are more likely to occur, as well as circumstances which can increase the odds of serious and potentially life threatening injuries. A recent fatal crash… Read More »


Month of April Dedicated to Preventing Distracted Driving

By William E. Raikes III |

For most of us, the month of April brings to mind spring and the arrival of warmer weather in Florida. For law enforcement and traffic safety officials, it is dedicated to raising the public’s awareness of the dangers of distracted driving. As one of the leading causes of car accidents and injuries in our… Read More »


Deadly Crash Highlights Issues Common in Car Accidents

By William E. Raikes III |

A recent head on car accident claimed the lives of two young girls from the Fort Pierce area. As friends, family, and the community as a whole mourn their loss, there are some additional traffic safety issues this tragic event raises, which are common factors when crashes and collisions occur. Fort Pierce Teens Killed… Read More »


Aggressive Drivers On I-95 Put Others in Danger

By William E. Raikes III |

Whether you live or work in Fort Pierce, Saint Lucie, or the surrounding areas, you likely rely on Interstate 95 and other major arteries to get where you need to go. Even with only limited experience in driving these super highways, it is impossible to miss aggressive drivers who seem to make a regular… Read More »

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